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How to ensure the desired treatment outcome:

Licensed Dentist, Rick Johnson is able to help you with professional expert advice on the best denture for your situation. A thorough consultation prior to any treatment is an important step to a successful outcome.

At your appointment you will have the opportunity to ask questions and address your concerns and expectations. It also allows the Dentist the opportunity to examine your mouth and make some initial recommedations.

Choosing between standard and personalized dentures

Standard dentures are designed for the “average” patient and thus generically shaped. They may fit reasonably well and function adequately, but they will not be custom created to suit your individual oral characteristics. Many denture patients, especially those with resorbed oral tissue or unusual jaw relationships may require a personalized denture uniquely created for their condition. With premium personalized dentures, your smile will look more natural and have a more natural function.

Premium quality personalized dentures provide optimum form and function. This results in a superior experience for the denture wearer while eating, speaking or laughing. Sophisticated instrumentation helps create the impressions of your jaw and to record the individual movement characteristics of your mouth. The denture team at Olympic Dental and Denture CenterCenter is then able to recreate your smile and restore your natural facial features. Your smile will shine through.

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